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Dialect Coach – Laura Caparrotti

Italian. Italian Dialects. Specialized in Sicilian, Neapolitan, Calabrese, Roman, Florentine. Old and Contemporary. Ancient Latin.

Private Coach for actors Broadway, Off Broadway, and for International tours.

Monitor/Consultant for National Commercials.

English into Italian (Various material from business documents to books) and Italian into English (mostly for web-site contents).

Translator and Interpreter (on/off stage).

Translation of plays and screenplays from English into Italian and viceversa.

I love langauges and I love pronunciation. I love teaching Italian pronunciation as well as coaching actors for Italian as well as several regional Italian dialects.

Being an expert, I look at the words first from a regional, historical and factual point of view. The italian language as well as all the dialects have changed considerably  over the dacades.

  • Who is talking?
  • From what area the character is?
  • From what class?
  • What year it is?

To me, dialect coaching is understanding the script and give the best solution for the actor I am working with and for the play/series/film the actor is in it.